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Betty Dupont Miller

As a result of having experiences such as living in a haunted apartment, an apparition standing just feet away, to having a surreal UFO experience all in my early 20’s, my life’s path forever changed.  I work full-time in a government job, but nights and weekends are spent serving others who are going through difficult times or just solving a really good mystery whether it’s spirits, cryptids or UFO’s experiences. My beliefs are that events are put before us to lead us in the direction we are supposed to go whether it’s personal for myself or for the client. I feel it’s vital to disseminate what’s real, explainable, to what cannot be scientifically accounted for and to occasionally step back and look for the overall message.


I was blessed having raised 3 sons with my husband who has been and continues to be my rock in life. Being able to lead this team who has become a second family, has led to years of rewarding satisfaction and joy, you won’t find better people with more positive upbeat attitudes and I am indeed lucky to be a part of it.  

Heidi Bartlett
VT Assistant Director

I live in Underhill, VT and enjoy the mountain views, rivers, and lakes. In my free time I also enjoy fishing, movies, and scrapbooking. I'm passionate about my job where I work on a solutions team and enjoy problem solving and building connections. 


As a child, I grew up in an old house where the previous owner had tragically passed away. It was thought that this person's spirit was responsible for walking back and forth upstairs each night when no one else was there. There were other unexplained events that intensified as I moved into my home. This greatly sparked my interest in the paranormal and my wanting to hep other people as well. I'm very excited to investigate the paranormal with a team of professionals who share the same curiosity and interests that I do. 

Karen Keene
Investigator - VT

I live in Stowe, VT. I am married, and have two sons. I love to travel, garden, hike, paddle-board, and find new adventures!

Since I was young I have always been fascinated by family ghost stories and anything to do with the paranormal. That curiosity has never gone away. I was a property tax assessor for over 17 years and love old homes and the stories that go along with them. In 2006, my youngest son had an unexplained experience in a small rural cemetery involving another child only he could see that re-ignited my curiosity. After that event, I knew I wanted to be a paranormal investigator.

Lindsay Agard
Investigator - VT

I am a very proud mother of 3 wonderful children, born and raised in the beautiful hills of Vermont. I feel fortunate to be able to wake up to the beauty of the green mountains daily. I enjoy fishing, camping, and anything outdoors in my spare time. I have always loved a good mystery or ghost story. Growing up in Vermont as a child, we would venture out searching for Bigfoot or Champ. My interest in cryptozoology peaked when I witnessed a sighting of Champ as a child.


The paranormal has always been a passion of mine, and discovering of the unknown is amazing in my eyes. I love investigating the paranormal and making contact with the other side. There is so much that is unknown to us and my goal is to give clients the help and understanding the are seeking. Knowledge is everything and I enjoy learning new things pertaining to the paranormal field. 

Kathy Eastman
Investigator -VT

I live in Sutton, VT, married with 8 step kids and have many grandchildren. I have lived most of my life in Vermont and love the views this state offers. My paranormal experiences stated when I was a small child growing up in an old colonial home. The home was being constantly renovated and never fell short of giving us new haunting experiences. The neighbor's house where my friends grew up also experienced paranormal activity as well. Since that time in my life I have had a lifetime of experiences.


I enjoy riding my motorcycle. I love my dogs, photography, making jams, watercolor painting, and get-togethers with friends. I learn everything I can about the paranormal. I like to read paranormal books and watch the TV shows. I am excited to be a member of PI-NE and hope to help people in need by seeking answers to paranormal questions and problems. 

Kevin Cheney
Investigator -VT

I live in Hinesburg, Vermont and am a husband and father of two. I love to travel and visit places I've never been along with going to see my favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox. One of my favorite places to hang out is with family at my camp on the shores of Lake Champlain, and swim, kayak and canoe.

My curiosity of the supernatural and unexplained started at a young age. I grew up in a large home in rural Virginia that was very active. Each of us in the family had experiences that we still talk about to this day. Growing up in Virginia also made me become a Civil War history buff since I had access to so many battlefields. I am honored to be a part of PI-NE and work with such a fine team of investigators to help solve peoples paranormal experiences and questions. 

Steve Sicard
Investigator - VT

I am married to the love of my life. I have one daughter and two step daughters. We have three grandchildren. We also have two rescue dogs, Toby and Sophie. They keep us busier than most toddlers.

I have always been fascinated with the paranormal. I prefer watching SYFY and any paranormal programming. Growing up I heard stories of alien sightings from adults sitting around the dinner table. I listed to the stories intently, and found them fascinating. As a teenager, I had an unexplained experience. While traveling on the interstate, after going to the drive-in, my cousins and I saw a bright beam shine down onto the car. No matter how fast we went, the light stayed with us. It disappeared as fast as it appeared. As an adult I have had several experiences that have peaked my interest. Investigating the paranormal always been intriguing to me. I believe technology helps us prove there are spirits and entities from the other side. This can be loved ones that have passed, or others that need to be crossed over. I think that helping people find answer to why they are experiencing abnormal activity is most rewarding. The more we understand the unexplained, the more it open up new questions. I believe working with PI-NE, that has a diverse group of experienced investigators is the best way to help others explain the paranormal. 

Ed Riddell
Investigator - VT

I am a husband of a lovely, strong woman. Father of two smart gifted sons, professional with LEO/Mental Health experience, a seeker of the paranormal in all forms, stalwart voice for truth and justice, and above all a follower of Jesus Christ, my savior. I was born in Oregon, have lived in Southern California, traveled in various places throughout North America and have chosen Vermont as my home since 2008.

My paranormal journey began as a child by losing several close relatives to death, including my biological father. I also believe that I saw a flying UFO in a brief moment while traveling in Death Valley. Those experiences have left me wanting more answers and has pulled me deeper into seeking evidence and understanding all areas of the paranormal. I am grateful for my fellow PI-NE members who have educated and support my journey of discovery. I could not be more blessed than to have been led to this amazing group of talented investigators who are committed to each other and to spending enormous amounts of time and energy just for the opportunity to get a glimpse of what hides beyond our normal everyday experiences.

Jenn Streeter
Investigator -VT

Originally from Newton, Massachusetts, I currently reside in Vermont with my wonderful wife and two little girls. I love to travel, draw and paint, dabble in photography, and trying new restaurants. I love the Patriots and Red Sox, and getting active as a family in athletics. My education is in counseling, psychology, and administration, but my interest in the paranormal began when I was a little girl listening to Victorian ghost stories my grandmother would read me as well as the strange sights and sounds that would happen in our house with no explanation.

My interest has grown with age and experience of more haunted locations. I am so excited to be a member of PI-NE and to work with other incredibly talented individuals bringing their insights and aspects to every case. 

Alison Hescock
Investigator -VT

I live in Southern Vermont in a small town nestled between two ski resorts. I'm a paralegal by day, bartender by weekend, and Paranormal Investigator by passion. From the time I was a little girl I have always been intrigued by ghost stories and hauntings. I was always what one may consider a "skeptical believer" until I had a riveting experience in my mid-20's in which it's believed a dark entity followed me home from Salem, MA. This long shadowy entity sparked my newer perceptions of the world and life-after-death. It's what taught me the reality of the stark difference between "Good" and "Evil." This one experience catapulted me from a skeptical believer to following knowing without any doubt Still, I take a logical approach and believe in debunking as much as can be explained away by science. I accpet some things are simply not explainable and remain open-minded of other's perspectives. My experience woke me up to the realization there are people who need to be heard and who need help to feel safe in their homes. By being on the PI-NE team, I hope to help bring peace to the living and those who have passed on.

In my free time, I enjoy historical hikes, metal detecting, and spending time with my family, who share a passion for local Vermont history.

Jason Engel
NH Division Director

I am a father of two wonderful young men and engaged toa wonderful woman that I can't imagine life without. We live in Manchester, NH and love the granite state! I am a previous member of PI-NE from 2008-2011 am I am very grateful to be with the team again and leading our New Hampshire division! Throughout my whole life, I have had experiences with almost every aspect of the paranormal ranging from UFOS to spiritual phenomena, to evidence of Bigfoot. These experiences gave me a passion for all things paranormal, which I love to research and investigate. I also have a deep passion for spirituality.

At PI-NE, we stay open and humble. I believe that we will only come to understand the paranormal and our reality if we remain open to all possibilities and investigate using many disciplines such as history, science, and spirituality (just to name a few). This is the only way we will best serve our clients to validate their experiences, as well as provide answers about the experiences they're having. Best of all, it brings a peace of mind to our clients, who are top priority, to know they have a team doing everything they can to help them with their situation. Thank you for choosing PI-NE!

Michele Clarke
NH Assistant Director

When not traveling the country for my day job in sales, I share my nest in the Mount Washington Valley near the Maine border with my husband and three goofy spaniels. As Washington state natives, we have embraced New England as a second home. Prior to joining this team, I have never considered myself an "investigator" of the paranormal. My sensitivity to and awareness of spirit energies first emerged at the young age of 5 with my grandmother after she had recently passed. That experience and a lifetime of the same have shaped my view on the spirit world and lead me to this team.

My desire is to be helpful to others and to support one another however I am able. I believe there are things we observe or encounter and simply have no intellectual container for. As humans, I also feel we seek to better understand these instances and we often do as skeptics for the atypical. There is a respectable merit in approaching the paranormal with an open yet discerning mind coupled with the desire to better comprehend the sometimes unsettling moments we experience. I hope we are able to help normalize unusual events and empower others to accept messages received as information gained and support people through whatever their individual process looks like.

Theresa Chick
Investigator - NH

I am a single mom and live with my dog and cat in Somersworth, NH. I grew up in a haunted house, but didn't realized it was haunted until years later. When I moved to Somersworth, I noticed things weren't right. I decided to get security cameras and found out that I was definitely not alone. This peaked my interest in the paranormal.


I am hoping to help lost souls and those affected by them In my spare time I am a musician, I play the drums and guitar. I am looking forward to working with this team!

Christina Frangomihalos
Investigator - NH

I live in a very small rural town in New Hampshire with my little girl and husband, however, I am a Long Island, NY native. I am currently pursuing a major in Environmental Science and I also work at an Elementary School. I grew up in a haunted house where I lived until I was 26 and I have had many experiences there as well as other places.


My first major experience was when I was 17 and I saw a full apparition with my own eyes. That is also when I learned that I am in fact a psychic medium. After that day everything changed for me, and it is when I became a part of the paranormal world. Since then, I have been able to strengthen my abilities as well as been given the chance to investigate many places back home in New York and Burlington Prison in New Jersey .I am a very spiritual person that is open to many different beliefs. I am so excited to be a part of this team and I have the chance to help others with their questions and experiences.

Michael Guin
PI-NE head shot.jpg
Investigator - NH

I grew up in New Mexico and had many paranormal experiences since a young age while living in a UFO hot bed and next to a Native American reservation. Once I moved to the north east I lived in a haunted apartment in Concord, NH and wanted to get into investigating the paranormal that has been present in my life.


When I saw the opportunity to join PI-NE, I jumped at the chance and I am excited to join this amazing team and search for answers.

Deb Dutcher
Deb Mermaid Office.jpg
Investigator - NH

I am a northern NH (Colebrook) native and moved to Concord in 2014. I remarried in 2017 and we have 3 wonderful children and 5 grandchildren. I am so fortunate to have my dream job as the Library Services Consultant at the NH State Library. When not spending time with family, friends, and learning at the library, I love to travel, spend time in nature and practice my amateur photography.


Numerous experiences since my childhood have driven my life-long search into the paranormal. As someone who believes in giving back to the things I am passionate about, I am excited to be a member of PI-NE.

Eric Willis
Investigator - NH

I am a northern NH (Colebrook) native and moved to Concord in 2014. I remarried in 2017 and we have 3 wonderful children and 5 grandchildren. I am so fortunate to have my dream job as the Library Services Consultant at the NH State Library. When not spending time with family, friends, and learning at the library, I love to travel, spend time in nature and practice my amateur photography.


Numerous experiences since my childhood have driven my life-long search into the paranormal. As someone who believes in giving back to the things I am passionate about, I am excited to be a member of PI-NE.

Annie Baldyga
Investigator - NH

I currently reside in southern NH with my 3 cats and boyfriend. I am a natural caregiver and find the constant need to help others! I currently hold my Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Keene State College. I also hold my Master of Science in Nursing from Franklin Pierce University and I am an RN. I am now a part of this amazing team to help others get, and find answers regarding the paranormal.

Unexplainable phenomenon began to happen to me at the age of 17 in high school. My interest and research in the paranormal then began to grow! My most exciting experience was when I saw the white lady in CT. She is known to roam the graveyard area in Easton, CT and is quite famous to locals there. The graveyard is the most haunted in all New England. This experience led me to ask more questions and to be open to experience and I ended up experiencing more activity in the future. I cannot wait to see you out in the field, and help you obtain some answers!

Marc Menard
Lead Investigator - MA

I am from Beverly, Massachusetts. I have been investigating the paranormal since I was 16 years old. My first experience with the paranormal was investigating a local cemetery with friends, when I felt a hand on my elbow. When I turned around my friends were no where to be found, I was completely alone. That drove me to find answers to what happened to me.

I love the technology side of investigating. I use my skills in law enforcement to debunk and find rational explanations. One of my favorite locations is the USS Salem in Quincy, MA. My next adventure is to explore and investigate UFOs and cryptozoology. When I am not investigating the paranormal, you'll find me spending time with my family, playing video games, and going down to the Salem Yacht Club.

Alane Burgess
block green shirt.jpeg
Investigator - MA

I live in Springfield, MA, with my two beautiful fraternal twin daughters and our two rescued fur babies,
one cat and one dog. I have always had a fascination for experiencing life– seeing new sites, having new
experiences, and learning about the history of the places that I visit. Growing up in New England I have
always been drawn to the beach in the Summer, apple cider and being outdoors in the Fall, cozying up
with a warm blanket and a good scary movie in the Winter, and to tending to my lawn in the Spring.
And I am a huge Boston Bruins fan! By profession, I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and have my master’s degree in clinical psychology. I currently work as a Program Director for an Outpatient Behavioral Health and Substance Use Clinic. I also do some part-time work in private practice counseling individuals seeking support and change in their life.
I have always had a fascination with the paranormal, starting with a desire to try to better understand -
or have some sense of explanation of - the things that we cannot directly see, then to having
paranormal experiences of my own. Naturally being an empath and intuitive, I have always been drawn
to wanting to help others. My hope is to provide people with support, answers where possible, and any
level of help that could make someone’s life easier or more manageable. Being a part of a team with
other professionals that have my shared interest and passion is something that I appreciate the most!

Roz Verone
Investigator - MA

Bio will appear here

Jared Camire
Investigator - MA

I have had encounters with various paranormal phenomenon for the better part of 26 years since a fateful trip to Gettysburg, PA. I’m a firm believer that the material nature of the universe is only an extension of the real “man behind the curtain”: consciousness itself. I believe everyone needs personal experiences instead of being persuasive evidence. In other words: YOU have GOT to see this! There’s no doubt that everything at its core is weird. I’ve been drawn to the weird since I was very young, and seeing that same light in my (quite fearless) children’s eyes reignited a desire in me to get to the bottom of what is admittedly a bottomless abyss of possibility. I’m particularly fascinated with how phenomena interacts with the brain and conscious mind, or as I sometimes muse, how explainable neuroscience may facilitate or perhaps even generate real phenomena. We know our world is filled with things we can’t explain, from the bottom of the ocean to the furthest reaches time-space, with every nook and cranny in between filled with potential wonder. I joined PI-NE in the summer of 2023 to take a serious step towards the impossible task of tackling it all: shadow people, UFO’s (nuts and bolts or otherwise), cryptids, and the most mysterious phenomenon of all: Us.I hope to inspire others that the world is here to be more than just enumerated, it is meant to be embraced, even and especially when it may seem uncomfortable to do so.

Alyson Jacobson
Investigator - MA

Bio will appear here

Lindsay Kreis
image0 (1)_edited.jpg
Social Media Manager/Videographer

I live in southern NH with my fiancé where I attend Southern New Hampshire University in pursuit of a Bachelor of Psychology in Forensic Psychology.


My paranormal experiences started as a child, but my logical side tried to explain everything away. I was often in the woods, eiher hunting and fishing with my father, or taking care of cemeteries with my mother. I found myself fascinated with knowing the stories behind the names on the headstones and would often research further into passed lives. This cultivated a connnection to my experiences and left me wanting more. My hope is to provide solid scientific evidence and psychological support to the things we can't explain away. 

Jeff Stewart
Founder (Inactive)

Father of 3 boys and 1 girl. I enjoy reading a good paranormal book and literature. I also enjoy watching MMA and pro wrestling. 

I started as a paranormal investigator in 2001 with a group from Worcester, MA. I have investigated all types of paranormal phenomenon from cryptozoology, ghosts, hauntings, and UFOs. I founded Paranormal Investigators of New England in 2004. I have trained many investigators in the field who have started their own groups in New England and continue to help anyone in need.

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