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Are you haunted?

Do you feel like you are experiencing unexplainable activity in your home or business and not sure what to do or who to turn to? Are you afraid to tell others worried that they will think you are being ‘weird’? The good news is you have come to the right place, and you are dealing with a team of people who will understand what you are going through. This is where you start, right here, with us. We have two teams, the core team located in Vermont, and an associate division located in New Hampshire. Often, we reach out to neighboring states (weather and time permitting) and although not part of New England, we also travel to upper New York state.

There are many types of paranormal activity, and some activity will occur for natural reasons other than paranormal due to natural or man-made environmental reasons. The only thing that matters, whether it's paranormal spirits or environmental, is that something is happening, and it's important to know why.

Sometimes a family is divided about the activity occurring and we totally understand that. Our investigators do not judge or make assumptions because in the end it's about finding out why you feel uncomfortable or why you are experiencing a disruption in a place that is supposed to be safe and free of disturbances. Many times, clients are worried we won't uncover any activity during an investigation. This does happen occasionally and if so, you have not wasted our time or yours, we come with no expectations other than to do whatever we can to try to help you. It's good to remember that an investigation that lasts hours is nothing compared to you living it 24/7. We are all educated, ethical and well-grounded individuals and know the most important person in any investigation is you, the client. There is no witchcraft, chanting, unethical behavior or provoking the spirits allowed by members on our teams. We have high standards of conduct and make sure we do not stir up activity that will leave you in a dire situation.

We are excited to say we have changed our investigative format offering a unique combination of intuitive (medium) abilities by investigators who have the skill to tune into the spirit energy and then we combine it with the latest technology in the paranormal field. We recently started this new technique and were quickly delighted to the depth it brought into the experience not only for us but more importantly for the client resulting in a well rounded comprehensive investigation.

After conducting our investigation, we will provide you with a written report and electronically send you any pertinent photos, audio voices, noises or activity caught on video. The information we find will help you take the next step forward to correct the problem or to make the proper contacts to help move the spirits on. It's important to first discover the source of the problem.

We know sometimes you would just like to talk about the activity and are on the fence about an investigation. That’s something we do as well, not everyone wants or needs an investigation. If just discussing the activity is preferred, you can still use the “Contact Us” form and indicate the best way to contact you and we will be more than happy to talk with you. The best part of all of this is that we are free of charge.

Please know we also investigate other types of unexplained activity or phenomenon such as possible UFO landing sites and all types of Cryptozoology. We are always prepared to cast a footprint or hear your story of a sighting. We have an investigator who has been specifically focusing on cryptozoology to lead the way for such searches as they are a specialized type of investigative exploration.

We are official "TAPS" Family Team Members - the only team in Vermont verified by The Atlantic Paranormal Society.

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