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"Joe B." - Vermont

If anyone is experiencing paranormal activity in thier house or business, these are the people to see. They are very experienced, nice people to work with and of course free. They learn as do we about life after death. Very intelligent crew. They helped me big time realize what the other side is about. Very interesting stuff, you would be amazed. Not to mention making some new and great friends. If you sense a spirit, they will certainly find it..👍

"Jay L." - Vermont

I recently contacted PINE about possible paranormal activity in my home. The case manager met with me a few days after the call. Karen was very compassionate, supportive, and took the time to address my many questions and concerns. Within a few weeks a team of investigators followed up with a nighttime investigation that was handled in a thorough and professional manner. They even conducted a follow up investigation a few weeks later to try addressing some unanswered questions. I have nothing but high praise for the PINE team!

"Brenda" - New Hampshire

We invited PINE to our home in 2012 for an investigation of our paranormal activity. We found the team to be totally professional, trustworthy and respectful of our home and our wishes. They are everyday people with everyday lives and we felt very comfortable having them in our home. We highly recommend PINE for anyone wishing to investigate paranormal activity in their home or business.

"Molly" - Vermont

PI-NE is the best. They are not only professional but they have the knowledge to do a full investigation. I would recommend them to anyone. You can invite anyone to your home to do this kind of thing, but the difference is having a caring person in your home who respects you and your home. I would have them back in my home anytime. Thanks again guys for all your help. I would love to have you back sometime, so I can know who or what is here.

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