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PI-NE Secret Weapon!

You have all probably heard of the Estes Experiment; combining a radio wave scanner with headset & blindfold for a pure response to Q & A?  The subject is not able to hear or see (read lips) of what is being asked & responds with what is heard as a response on the scanner.  PI-NE has upgraded this experience with an exclusive pair of LED trance inducing glasses (made by our late inventor) in lieu of the blindfold.  The subject goes into a light trance to help zone out the mind and at times, sees images. We place a 10 min limit on these glasses.

Random Light Generator

Used to test psychokinesis by using your mind to influence and color output from the ESP lamp.  This is a testing device that we found to be in the interest of mediums or those that claim control over the environment.  This is not toy, this random generator uses the immutable randomness of radioactivity decay to generate random numbers. Quantum mechanics states that the nuclear decay of atoms, are fundamentally random and cannot be predicted. The detection of a radioactive particle being a random event is used.  This is a higher quality RNG than in the diode chaos lamps.

Temperature Gun

Temperature changes are significant indicators of spirit activity. Keeping a temp gun handy is a good idea especially if it's like this one and has a laser point to directly to the area you would like to read.  It's basic but sometimes simple is just what you need.  

Body Cam

More and more we find we get great EVP captures on video, not just our audio recorders.  Needless to say, the more we can capture on scene, the better investigation we are going to have.  Clipping this to the front of the chest gives the investigator a chance to free up one more hand. 

Divining Rods

These rods go back to the times of ancient Egypt.  Used throughout time for locating groundwater, buried metal gemstones, oil, claimed radiation, gravesites, etc. If they can be used for so many things we feel it is the intention set that instructs it what to look for, so why not use in the paranormal field as a standard piece of equipment.


Old style Panasonic recorders (DR60's that are famous for having a magical ability for being able to record EVP's that newer recorders cannot) this is actually a radio version that has a similar body as the DR60 and was "hacked" to scan AM frequencies only.  All the charm of a DR60 but in spirit radio form. 

GS2 Laser Grid

Identifies distance, direction, Motion and Temperature Fluctuations so we can map out an anomaly.  Any change will reflect back a different pattern, bowing the lines along the surface and sending off an audible alert. 


This beauty is a data logger that measures temperature, barometric pressure & humidity, EMF Meter and vibrations. Creates a graph and sound alerts.  It's extra nice is that records to a SD card to put on a spreadsheet later. 

Electronic Trip Wire

Laser beam that if broken will sound an alarm.  Great for places like basements and doorways.  It's very sensitive and a great heads up that something has crossed it's beam.  

Thermal Imager 

Portable thermal imager for phone! Ready to take quick thermal readings, looking for detection of cold/hot spots that may relate to spirit activity.  Technology has come a long way!

Laser Grid

This will let investigators map out a room to know when anything passes by, enabling the investigator to visualize anomalies as they occur in real time. 

Movement Light Up Balls

Just because they are cheap doesn't mean they aren't useful! Typically called 'cat-balls', these everyday items can be used in Q & A for responses.  Spirits can move/touch these and they in turn will light up.  It's the cat's meow you might say!

DVR Systems

PI-NE is fortunate to have a variety of DVR systems. Some units are wireless for portability and we even have two pan-tilt to track the investigators as we move through the room.  Pictured shown are a wired unit for dependability for lengthy distances.  It all depends on the necessity of the case.

Mel and K2 Meters

No team is complete without a set of these meters to measure the electromagnetic energy of the room.  We look for a rise in energy where no energy should be suspected. 

Xcam SLS

The Xcam SLS is a ‘Structured Light Sensor’ Camera System. It is a portable camera with a variety of sensors. Ultrasonic distance detection, thermal temperature sensing and light frequency sensing.

Various Digital Voice Recorders 

We use these to try and get evp's (Electronic Voice Phenomena) it is thought that entities voices that are not heard normally by the human ear at that point in time but can be heard during playback. We try everything from old school tape to dictation recorders. 

Night Heat Seeking Cam

This handy piece of equipment works as a digital camera, has IR lighting and works by sensors. If something has a heat signature and is moving this camera will take a photo. The great thing about using this type of camera is that even if you can't see the object with your own eyes, if it has a heat signature, your photo will show it. Great for outdoors!

Gopros, and other Hand-Held Cams

Our various hand-held cams are meant for recording in low light recording, infrared, when a stationary cam just won't do.  We can strap these cams to our bodies or use in hand.  

Infrared Motion Sensor

We like to use this because it detects or receives the infrared heat signature off of anything that is above absolute zero. If a heat signature passes this device with in 30 feet and you have it in alarm mode it will go off and alert our team so we can investigate further.     

Laser Grids

These high powered lasers emits a grid of green dots useful for detecting shadows or general visual disturbances during an investigation. If something passes in front of it, it will block out sections of the grid. 

FLIR Infrared Cam

Otherwise known as thermographic or thermal imaging, an infrared camera is a device which uses infrared radiation to create an image or video, showing variations in temperature not visible to the naked eye. Normal visible light cameras use a 400-700 nanometer range, where infrared cameras use wavelengths up to 14,000 nanometers.

Spirit Box/Ghost Box

It uses radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise which theories suggest give some entities the energy they need to be heard. When this occurs you will sometimes hear voices or sounds coming through the static in an attempt to communicate.


The Ovilus converts environmental readings into words. The goal of the device is to facilitate communications. While this is experimental we are open to utilizing this format to assist in our investigations.


Electromagnetic radiating antenna detects energy disturbances & fluctuations. It will display the field disturbance using multi-colored light columns and audible tones. 

Night Vision Monocular

This delivers a quality image and resolution to view any night time scenario and perfect for outside situations. The monocular has a high powered infrared illuminator recommended for use in low-ambient light conditions or total darkness.

Vibration Detector

Ideal to pick up vibrations, ie; footsteps.

They can also be used in EVP sessions as you can sit them on a table and ask the spirits to knock on the table and it should give a confirmation of the knocks.

Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies and lots of them.  The key to a good investigation is communication and that's how PI-NE rolls!

360 Parascope

Triboelectric field meter ever introduced in the Paranormal field that visually follows static electricity fields horizontally, allowing you to be informed of the direction the field is traveling. The unit visually alerts you using Green, Yellow, and red lights so you can see which side it travels from and the colors can be used for questions during evp sessions.

Night Vision Binoculars

To view surroundings in low light or complete darkness with the built-in infrared light. Allows you to take pictures and videos on to a TF card.

Bionic Ear Electronic Listening Device

To amplify the sound around you, very sensitive. Excellent for listening for footsteps, breathing, softly spoken words. Used with headset and can save to an SD card.  

Portal by Inventor Steve Huff

This beauty amplifies & enhances EVP and spirit communications when used with spirit or ghost box. A reverb pedal, ZT Lunchbox amplifier and noise killer unit to produce incredible sound and pick up EVPSs that may otherwise be too low to be picked up.  

Various Flashlights

Never underestimate the value of a good flashlight to not only see in the dark but as a communication tool.  In particular, a "Mag" flashlight has a perfect screw-on system that let's us try a little Q & A with spirits.    

Trigger Props

We will use a variety of trigger props whether it's music, toys or miscellaneous artifacts that may relate to the time period or person creating suspected activity.  Here you see a touch sensitive dog that is embedded with EMF detectors that light up if touched on it's body and it emits a noise and collar lights up.  This one is great for child spirits.

Mini Cam 

Did our cam system just have a baby?  We have a number of these little guys which are perfect for entryways, closets, all the sneaky spots where you couldn't fit a full size cam.  It's motion sensitive recording and also records audio all to an SD card.  We have got an amazing amount of evidence off these little babies.

Foot Step Tracker

Will detect footsteps, this is one step better than just using our hearing.  Lights up when detected.

Vortex Dome

This Glow in the Dark Vortex Dome is a device that is triggered by static or Triboelectric fields. It’s internal antenna can pickup static fields that are not visible to the human eye as far as three feet away. Once the device is triggered it sets off the 8 colored LED’s and the direction the charge came from.

Super Mini Cam 

Even smaller than our mini cam, talk about being able to record in every space possible!  Records to SD card, no wires, no mess.  

Ultra sensitive EMF Detector - Mini Size

Small enough to place them almost anywhere.  The LED will come on as long as it detects a presence.  It can come on briefly or stay lit longer, depending on the electrical fields in the area. 


What's Next?!

Our eyes, ears and know-how are our solid foundation and the latest developments in the field enhance our skills even further. 

Rest assured we are staying on top of the latest news, research and devices in order to provide you the best result we can. 

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